Thursday, June 12, 2014

What I do at SFI on a daily basis

I have been with SFI for quite some time.. I didn't have very much money to put into the business, and consequently not much was achieved. However, after one year of staying with the system, reading training materials, reading the forum, and generally staying informed with the business, this is what I have learned.----->
1. This is my business, and I am going to treat it like my business. I can't rely upon my sponsor to help me, although it would be nice. My business requires an investment of time and money, just like any other venture. I am prepared to accept that and put in the necessary effort to see results.----->
2. I have been logging in every day to make sure that I keep informed about my business. If I had a coffee shop, or a hardware store, I would need to go there everyday, especially when starting up. This business is no different.----->
3. I need to advertise my business everyday. Whether it is paid advertising or free advertising, this needs to be done. I do not have a storefront in a mall that people walk by everyday, so I need to promote my business some other way, and SFI provides lots of tools for that.----->
4. I will treat my affiliates as my customers, because that is what they are. I answer all their emails as best I can, and any new affiliates always get a new affiliate greeting from me. I always send them an email when they have achieved EA status or higher. Communication with my affiliates is vitally important. I use the PSA and CSA mailer consistently, and I use the Stream messages on a regular basis. If all my Stream messages are from the president instead of myself, I'm not doing my job in helping my affiliates.----->
5. I keep a standing order for at least 1500 VP each month so I don't lose my EA status....and I get an extra 2 entries in the Daily Grand Drawings and 2 CSA's every month. I look at my standing order as rent I have to pay to keep my store open and my shelves stocked with product.----->
6. The past does not equal the future. Whatever I tried in the past that didn't work doesn't mean something else in the future won't. If I do nothing, I can expect nothing. If I quit, I lose.----->
7. This is not a get rich quick business. It takes time to build relationships that produces results. It takes patience, persistence, and passion.----->
8. It's not about you. It's about your downline. Your whole focus should be on helping your downline achieve success. Without them, you will not be successful. However, you can't give them something for nothing. You have to teach them how to do the things you do to be successful. Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

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