Thursday, June 12, 2014

Increase Earning in SFI

The best and most cost effective way of boosting income at SFI in my opinion is on the training and materials provided and to be an active affiliate.  Let me explain what this mean to you.
the proverbial saying that you can reap only from where you sow is true with this program as well as you shall reap as much as you sow. It is very important to realize right from the beginning that this is an Internet based business. In the virtual world, effort is needed to persuade consumers or clients from the real world. The only way to succeed in doing this is by consistently promoting this platform through your gateways. This persistence efforts will create the perceived value required to get the conversions for sign-ups or purchases. That being said you must be an active affiliate to start earning the smallest income from SFI.  Suggestively, your first goal should be to remain an Executive Affiliate month after month.
This is how it works. The system provides incentive or motivation reward for your regular activity through the award of Versa Points, each point worth $ 0.0005. So, if you attend to this business daily for example by doing your to-do-list, red tabs, reviews, etc and maintain a standing order of 1500 VP; you are sure of a monthly income of $(0.0005*2000)= $1
May look small, but the real income comes from your EA status. That is the privilege of earning from the pool of Versa Points of other members.  Earning from this can be very high.
As an active member, you should know what your expected roles are to make it here. Friend we are basically marketers. Internet marketing, Network Marketing, what ever you call it, know that we have two things to promote, the thousands of products on TripleClicks and Sign-Ups for SFI. When you promote TripleClicks and get between 2-5 or more Personally Referred TripleClick Member who buys products or participate in PriceBenders your income will swell. If my suggestion is good in your eyes, I suggest you promote PriceBenders more, followed by your tripleclicks gateway. Your income will explode if you succeed. You will earn all the VPs and a mouth watering Direct Commissions on the relevant CV. This to me is one of the fastest and sure way to make money here.  But, you must be prepared to invest into the flyers, X-Cards and other advertising programs, paid and free.
The next most viable and sustainable way of making money for life is to first accomplish above, enjoy the income and become motivated to train at least Five person to follow your strategy and do just as you did even better. Look you may see yourself earning thousands of $ monthly. Use the Income Calculator to check things out yourself. You will find it under tools. This is what SFi training on duplication is all about. Keep this three indisputable three steps to success in mind: LEARN IT>DO IT>DUPLICATE IT
There are other income streams such as PPA, ECA and Winnings from Daily Grand, Wave3, Auctions etc.
One can not be a good marketer if you don't learn about and use the products you sell. To succeed in this business, you should patronize TripleClicks store. Know how it all works. Try them out yourself. Help your neighbors do same. Spread the word about your store. From the SFI angle, maintain your EA Status. Ensure that you have a regular recruiting system, maybe through S-Builder or any other effective affiliate recruiting mechanism you know. Make sure you daily work and review your pages on SFI and TripleClicks.
Do your best first to understand this system, create a success plan for yourself, stick to it, believe in yourself and the system, be positive, focus and enterprising. Never quit and you soon start to live to your dreams.
Remember, I am working daily to actualizing my dreams too. I believe, winners never quit. Do you?

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