Thursday, June 12, 2014

how do I get listed on Google, Bing, and other popular search engines?

How Do I Check If My Site Is In Google?
Just type your website address in the Google search box.
If your website doesn’t come up as a result, you need to submit your site to Google
My site does not come up in search engines!
Search engines like Google need to find your website before it can crawl, index it, rate it and display it in it’s listings (SERPS - or Search Engine Results Pages).
Googlebot (the spider Google uses) accesses your page if it knows your website exists.
This is perhaps the reason why your website doesn’t come up in Google search. Google probably doesn’t know about it.
Do I need to pay to get into Google and Bing? No.
How Do I Submit A Site To Search Engines?
You do not need a SEO to submit your site to Google, Yahoo or Bing.
You don’t pay to get into any of the big search engines natural (free or organic) listings (and note, Bing powers Yahoo results).
The best way to actually get into Google, and the other top search engines, is for the search engine spider to find your site through a link that is already on another website, which Google already has in its index.
A link from a blog, forum or other website will suffice.
What type of link do I need?
Any link from another website will do as long as Google sees it as a link.
Can I register website with google search engine direct?
Most of the most popular search engines in the world offer ways of submitting your web pages directly to them.
Submitting your site through the following methods will certainly get you started:
•Submit A Site To Google
•Submit My Site To Bing
•Submit RSS feed to Google
•Submit Google Webmaster Tools
•Submit site to Bing Webmaster Tools

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